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Leadership Coaching

Support and guidance to help you be the calm, confident leader your business deserves.


Build an Effective Team

Grow Your Culture

Get Support as a Leader

This is for you if:

You desire to be a better leader in your life and in your business
You aspire to create a personal leadership brand that reflects your values and purpose
You want to have more confidence as you lead, more peace and fulfillment in your life
You recognize that to have what you truly desire you need to show up differently in your world
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How the VIP Coaching Will Help

Through coaching, you will uncover your purpose, in business and your life, find more confidence, connect to your values and bring them to life in their business and at home
Transformation from the coaching will lead to fulfillment, peace, calm – all the things you are longing for
You will begin to grow a culture in your business that is inspirational for your team and clients.
You will feel a greater sense of purpose and confidence, feel more comfortable sharing & delegating.
You will create your own leadership style and brand that is impactful in their personal and professional life.

What You Will Get

Enjoy personalized access to Lindsay, including two 60-minute coaching sessions, as you focus on a variety of leadership and personal growth topics.
Connections between coaching sessions to support you as you learn and develop.
Your VIP Coaching package also includes access to the Inner Circle, a bi-weekly group coaching program that where you will connect with other small business leaders.

How It Works

Private coaching calls, as well as access by email or text to Lindsay at any time.
Additional coaching sessions when further support is needed.
Access to the Inner Circle group coaching program.
VIP coaching engagements beginning with a 3 month commitment.

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The Work We Will Cover

In our sessions we will discuss:
Uncovering your values and mission, and how to bring those to life everyday in your business and personal sphere
Create clarity around what’s most important to you, as a person and a leader, and bring greater focus and commitment to those places where you find fulfillment
We will uncover what it means for you to be a great leader, and how that leader needs to show up in your business and your life
We will create a leadership brand, specifically for you, that enables you to lead your team and culture with greater confidence and conviction
You will experience transformation in your life and your business, as you begin to truly live your values and find the peace, fulfillment and direction you desire
You will fall in love with your business again, lead with confidence, create a team that is engaged with your vision, and experience the success you have always dreamed of

Working with Lindsay helped me to Identify a clear and concise vision for my life and business so that I could use that vision as a bottom line and help myself to determine if each action was in the direction that I wanted and needed it to be in order to achieve the results that I desired. Through her training and guidance I was able to break down walls that were deeply rooted in my life that were holding me back in both my business and professional life. I am truly grateful that Lindsay was so easy to talk to and so professional with the information that I shared. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Small Business Owner & Leader

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