People Strategy SOS!

Need help… like yesterday? Invite Lindsay to dive into your team troubles and design a plan that will turn things around.


Build an Effective Team

Grow Your Culture

Get Support as a Leader

Leading my team shouldn’t be this hard!

You need SOS support if you’re business is starting to struggle due to people issues:
Your customer service is tanking
You’re dealing with high turnover of valuable staff

You’re fighting an uphill battle with your team: bickering, gossip and other toxic behaviors may have started to happen

Productivity is dropping
You may have had bad reviews or customer complaints
You’re frustrated with your team and workplace culture — this isn’t the way you want your business to be!

People Strategy SOS: Stop Struggling

Imagine waking up and enjoying your business and team again!

Deep Dive

We’ll do an in-depth analysis to understand exactly what’s happening inside your business right now.

Expert Recommendations

You’ll get expert advice, customizable options and recommendations grounded in years of experience.

Practical Advice You Can Use

Actionable tools, implementable processes, and valuable expert ideas you can implement right away.

What You Will Get

You will get a 2 hour initial session with Lindsay to dig deeply into your business strategy and uncover cultural and leadership issues inside your business
Each member of your team will receive a link to a survey, specifically designed to uncover the issues that they see, hear and feel every day in your business.
You will receive a in-depth analysis and report on the systemic issues that are present in your culture and your business, as well as the people strategies that will address those issues
In the 1 hour People Strategy Session Lindsay will review the report and analysis with you, providing expert guidance as you begin to design the creation of your new People Strategy.

How It Works

Start with a Consultation

The initial 2 hours session can be done via Zoom, phone or in person

We Dive Deep with Your Team

All employee surveys can be completed online – allow them to be done quickly and efficiently.

Get Your Recovery Strategy

The 1 hour People Strategy Session delivers your result to you within two weeks so you can start the shift in your team right away.”

Working with Lindsay helped me to Identify a clear and concise vision for my life and business so that I could use that vision as a bottom line and help myself to determine if each action was in the direction that I wanted and needed it to be in order to achieve the results that I desired. Through her training and guidance I was able to break down walls that were deeply rooted in my life that were holding me back in both my business and professional life. I am truly grateful that Lindsay was so easy to talk to and so professional with the information that I shared. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Small Business Owner & Leader

Lindsay’s amazing and she’s transformed my business. At first, I was overwhelmed and now I’m on top of the world.

Courtney Cook
Owner, Donut Queen

SOS Fees

$1,499.99 + GST

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Lindsay will review your application and contact you to set up a consultation.

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