Lead & Inspire a culture
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Workplace culture isn’t just for big companies.
I help small business leaders succeed by developing their people and creating engaged workplaces.



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Coaching and support for small business leaders to grow connected, inspired, High-Impact teams

Lead with confidence

Harness your inner brilliance and
be the leader you know you can be.

Inspire your people

Build a strong team so you can attract and retain the best people.

Love your business again

Create more balance and fulfillment — in both your business and your life.

What would it be like to have a team as passionate about your business as you are?

small business owner alone

Do you ever ask yourself, am I the only one who cares about my business?

Does your team care about your vision or do they do “just enough to get by?”
Are you concerned about dissatisfied clients or
poor reviews?
Are you disappointed with a lack of business success?
Wondering whether you’ve got the wrong people?

Does your work stress impact your family, health or personal life?

How much is a disengaged
team costing you?

A disengaged team can damage your business and your personal life. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Workplace culture isn’t just for big companies.

hi, I’m Lindsay.
I believe every small business deserves great leadership, an impactful people strategy and a culture that inspires.

Leadership is personal. Together we can create a people strategy that speaks to the heart of every team member so they can bring your business to life.

Love your business again…
with a team that’s united


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Lindsay’s amazing and she’s transformed my business. At first, I was overwhelmed and now I’m on top of the world.

Courtney Cook
Owner, Donut Queen

Lindsay is my go-to leadership counsel as I grow my team and ensure I am cultivating a culture that reflects the brand I have developed over the many years I’ve been in business.

Leadership Coach and PR Consultant/Community Leader

Lindsay has a lot of experience working with executives and c-levels, so I appreciated her candid feedback and approach to getting to the outcomes I was after. I have already recommended her several times to close friends and colleagues, and I would not hesitate to work with her again.

Senior Leader and Digital Marketing Expert

Through Lindsay’s training and guidance, I was able to break down walls that were holding me back in both my business and professional life. I am truly grateful that Lindsay was so easy to talk to and so professional. I highly recommend her.

Senior Sales Leader and National Award Winner

I can’t say enough about my positive coaching experience I had with Lindsay over the last few months. She has what it takes to inspire others to make real change in their life, to follow their ambitions and to overcome challenges.

Food Blogger and Entrepreneur

Lindsay helped me to discover that I had the answers within me and held me accountable to the decisions and commitments that I made to move myself forward. If you’re looking for someone to connect you with you and to make the change you need to make, look no further!

Business Leader and Consultant

Lindsay has a keen ability to know when to ask powerful questions that generated insight and perspective that I did not have prior to these conversations. Highly recommended!
Experience Business Consultant and People Leader
I took my side hustle and made it my full-time career and business. I see so much growth ahead of me and I feel extremely confident with my decisions. It was an extreme pleasure to work with Lindsay, I have recommended her to numerous people who wanted to better their lives!
New Entrepreneur and Social Influencer



Inner circle

Do you feel like you should have things all figured out but you don’t? You’re not alone! Join the inner circle for community, connection, learning, and inspiration with other female business leaders.

People strategy sos

A high-impact diagnostic session that digs into where your issues are, underlines some of the biggest problems and starts the solutioning process. You’ll leave with a roadmap and clear options on how to proceed.

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Customized 1-on-1 coaching packages specifically tailored to small business owners who want to be more effective leaders.
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